5% Property Price Prediction

The most recent property price index report for August 2017, published by RICS, is showing very promising signs for the Portuguese market. House prices have been projected to increase by 5% per annum for the following five year period which is extremely exciting news for Golden visa investors.

August’s figures have grown for both house price increases and new sales enquiries, compared to those published in June 2017.  The sales predictions for the coming three months ahead has also risen which aligns well with La Vida’s personal forecast as the Autumn period always proves to be one of our busiest quarters for new investors buying in Portugal.

There is a high demand yet a low of supply of property (particularly in Lisbon) which is underpinning the prices increases. The lettings market is also being strongly influenced by this and rents remain on an upwards path with a steady rise of tenant enquires. It is estimated that rentals will also continue to grow over the coming quarter. This is very positive news for prospective landlords who are looking to invest for rental return.

Despite the shortage of real estate currently on the market, La Vida have an excellent choice of properties to offer, with a large selection of options in Lisbon, Porto, the Silver Coast and the Algarve.

In other areas, unemployment rates have recently decreased to just 9.4% which is the lowest it has been since the 2008 recession. This is yet another positive reflection of how well the economy in Portugal is currently performing.As one of the market leading consultancies specializing in Investor visa’s, La Vida have the ability to assist investors with both the real estate purchase and the legal work which is involved in obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa.

To speak with one of our expert consultant, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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