We offer a range of property on luxury resorts throughout Portugal to meet the minimum requirement of a €500,000 investment for the golden visa. It includes a selection of guaranteed rental apartments and villas offering 4% return for an initial five year period. Ideal timing to qualify for permanent residency and soon after, citizenship.

8 thoughts on “Property

  1. I am looking to obtain a second passport as soon as posible. How soon would I be able to come out to Portugal and view propertis? How will you be able to assist with my trip, what services will you be able to provide? Thanks.

    • Yes we can organise everything needed including our own property viewings, lawyers, bank, immigration and other aspects. Please see our main website for this: However note that it is a residency programme for Portugal under the golden visa. You can apply for a second passport, ie citizenship after 6 years. In the meantime you can live in the country if you choose. One of our consultants will contact you on the email you provided.

  2. I am very interested in the Portuguese citizenship by investment programme. However I would like to know more about how the property and rental market in Lisbon is doing at present and how profitable the rental market is.

    • Portugal has one of the higher rental yields for properties out of the 28 EU countries. The reasons are as follows:
      1. Capital prices are low. They have started to turn upwards but you can still buy at lower prices than 7 years ago.
      2. There is a good “middle class” rental market. Many buyers were frozen out after the credit crisis and had to rent.

  3. If I buy 2 small apartments in Portugal and the total cost exceeds 500,000, is it still qualified for the golden visa citizenship by investment requirment?

    • To buy for rental yield it is best to look at major population areas such as the capital Lisbon rather than holiday areas like the Algarve or Silver Coast. Typical gross rental yield will be between 3% and 5%. This may seem low compared to high growth markets in Asia and the Middle East but note the macro economics situation. This is Europe, low or non existent inflation and a strong currency. Nominal interest rates are zero so rental yields are real yields. As for capital gain., less predictable but prices have been rising the last two years in central Lisbon. We estimate for prime property between 5% and 10% a year currently. How long this continues we don’t know but the fundamentals look good currently.

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