Introducing the Silver Coast..

cliff_beachWith popular cities such as Lisbon and Porto usually the main focus for international investors, it’s no surprise that some of Portugal’s hidden gems are often getting overlooked. The Silver coast of Portugal is one of them.
Just 35 minutes outside of Lisbon, the Silver Coast region is an outstanding area of protected natural beauty with stunning landscapes, crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches all along the coastline. The region is home to a number of charming traditional Portuguese towns as well as a 5* multi award winning Golf and Beach Resort with a number of luxury properties on offer attracting numerous high profile owners and celebrities. Situated between two of the most popular Golf resorts in the region you will also find historic town of Lourinha where Jurassic dinosaur remains were recently discovered. Plans for a new Jurassic amusement park are set to boost tourism in the region with a prediction of an extra 200,000 visitors each year, which is a great prospect for those looking to generate a rental return on property in this region.

La Vida have a number of different properties to offer along the Silver Coast and a large number of these are offering a guaranteed rental return of 5% per annum for up to 3 years. Also included within this offer is up to 6 months of personal usage for the owner each year, making this an excellent option for those looking for both a personal holiday home and a rental property.

Price per square meter in this location is also extremely competitive at just €2,500 per square metre compared to central Lisbon where the average price per square metre is from €5,000 upwards. Just another factor why savvy investors should be considering the Silver Coast.

Contact La Vida’s experts for further details on both the Portuguese Golden Visa programme and our property options





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