Key Points

Investor Visa PortugalPortugal’s Golden Visa has been in operation since October 2012 and over 400 visas were issued by the Portuguese government in the first year. The scheme is expected to grow rapidly from there. Portugal offers one of the most attractive investor visa programmes in Europe.

For any investor making a minimimum investment of €500,000 in property a residency visa will be granted which after the first year can be renewed indefinitely every two years provided the investment is maintained.


  • An investment of €500,000 in residential property, commercial property or land. Funds must come from abroad as inward investment. The first €500,000 of any investment can not be mortgaged. Finance can be raised above that level (a mortgage in Portugal)
  • A lack of criminal record
  • Proof of funds to support residence
  • One week (first year) or two weeks stay in Portugal each year thereafter in order to renew the residency visa
  • Visa decisions within 10 days


  • Freedom to live in Portugal
  • Access to healthcare, education
  • Possibility of co ownership
  • Residency for family members (spouse and dependent children)
  • Travel freely throughout the Schengen visa zone in Europe
  • Potential to apply for the family reunion visa allowing other family members to join the investor
  • Investors may apply for citizenship after six years of residency
  • Upon citizenship, the investor and family become European citizens allowing freedom of movement, work, study and residence throughout Europe (including non Schengen countries such as the UK)


An application for the residency visa can be made upon purchase of a property. The residency visa is granted provided a minmum €500,000 has been invested and there is a lack of criminal record.

6 thoughts on “Key Points

    • Yes, you can work and set up business in Portugal under the golden visa programme. Note that should you go on to apply for citizenship then you are free to do the same anywhere within the EU.

  1. i would like to apply for portugal citizenship by investment and golden visa… do you only deal with properties in lisbon? what other towns in portugal offer investment opportunities?

    • You can qualify for the Golden Visa through any real estate purchase anywhere in Portugal provided it meets the minimum investment level of €500,000. We deal with a number of areas but Lisbon is proving to be the best for capital gain and rental yield.

    • Yes, you can buy as many properties as you like providing they amount to the minimum investment of €500,000. There is also no requirement under the golden visa programme in Portugal to reside in the country. There is a minimum visit requirement to renew the residency visa (2 weeks every 2 years) but you can of course stay anywhere during that visit. That leaves you free to rent your properties. If you are buying for rental it is important to get the right advice and not just pick up a few cheap properties on the web only to find they are in some far lying tourist outpost somewhere on the Algarve!

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